Mental Health

Mental Health the Topmost Priority? Check out for Keeping Alzheimer’s at Bay!

Sedentary lifestyle brings ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity with it. These, in turn, put the person (s) concerned at the risk of Alzheimer’s. A research team based out of California has stated that encountering obesity during midlife is likely to raise risks of contracting Alzheimer’s by close to 18%. It has further […]

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Child Obesity

Child Obesity not to be taken casually – Check Out for the facts!

The South Texas region has been subject to obesity since long. Along these lines, two well-known health officials have pitched in to explain the seriousness of this ailment in the community. The outbreak of Covid-19 has, apart from raising uncertainties, has also contributed to child obesity. This could be credited to the adult population turning […]

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