In-Vitro Fertilization

Shying Away from Infertility? Here’s a way out in the form of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

“Rescripted” comes across as one of the media platforms that provides technology tools as well as resources to those who plan family-building. Kristyn Hodgdon, a professional writer and an ardent reader, thought of this after she herself dealt with infertility. Ovulation Needed? When Kristyn and her husband decided to conceive, she was actually not aware […]

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Ebola Vaccinations

The Demographic Republic of Congo decides to not go Bonkers with Ebola Vaccinations in Place!

EVD (Ebola Virus Disease) comes across as a deadly and rare disease in nonhuman primates and people alike. The viruses causing EVD have been basically found in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. This virus enters the body either through direct contact with any infected animal (nonhuman primate or bat) or a dead or sick person […]

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Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza Raising its Ugly Head in China? Check out for the Facts!

With dire consequences for poultry industry, international trade, farmers’ livelihoods, avian influenza has drawn attention of global community since the last few years. During outbreaks, the usual policy is that of culling all the poultry (irrespective of being healthy or infected), so as to stop the further spread of the disease. This, in turn, incurs […]

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Virus • Liver

Would like to Safeguard the Liver? Keep it away from or Get treated for Hepatitis!

With sudden spur in liver inflammation or acute hepatitis, that too, amongst children, British health officials are continuously on the toes. Prima facie, they are getting proofs of a common virus being responsible for this ailment. As of now, 111 cases of hepatitis (source unknown) have been recorded by the U.K. Health Security Agency. Children […]

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Glucose Monitoring

Want Affable Glucose Monitoring on a Continuous Basis? Check out for CGM!

A CGM comes across as one of the compact medical systems that does monitor the glucose levels on continuous basis real-time (there is generally a 5-minute interval between two readings). A small sensor gets inserted into abdomen (or arm) with a small plastic tube called “cannula” that is penetrating the skin’s top layer. The sensor […]

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Prostate cancer

Scared of the term “Cancer?” How about dropping the Dreadful Word? Check Out!

The term “cancer” still sends chill down the spines of people. Many of the easily curable ailments are also being termed as “cancer” – for instance – prostate cancer. However, the doctors have suggested renaming the ailment with elimination of that C-word. It has been observed that cancer cells do develop in almost all prostates […]

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Hepatitis usurping Europe and the US? Stay tuned to check Further in the Excerpts mentioned below!

WHO’s first course of investigation reveals that close to 74 children aged 10 and below have been diagnosed with Hepatitis in the UK alone. It has also confirmed about children in Spain and Ireland getting acute hepatitis. Spanish media mentioned that children aged from 2 to 7 were the ones infected the most. As per […]

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avian influenza

Avian Influenza – The deadliest in the last Four Decades? Check Out!

Chicago Lake has, in the last few days, witnessed the deaths of hundreds of birds, as reported by wildlife officials. They have confirmed that this is the very first major “avian flu outbreak” in the Great Lakes premises this year and more fatalities could be encountered in the upcoming period. Barrington area, which houses Baker’s […]

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Masturbation causing Choking of Lungs? Check out below with real-time Instances!

Masturbation can lead to serious injury, though a rare occurrence! As per report by “The Sun”, a 20-year old patient ended up in the emergency department during masturbation, as he started experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains. Upon arrival, he informed the doctors that he started getting these symptoms while masturbating. Upon examination, doctors […]

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Psoriatic arthritis

Thinking on Switching to a Healthy Diet? What are you Waiting for?

Psoriatic arthritis could be brought under control through treating patients with dietary counselling. Hypocaloric intervention was conducted for 12 weeks, which showed that the ones suffering from PsA (psoriatic arthritis) could control the further spread of Psoriatic Arthritis Therapeutics with intake of Omega-3 supplements, as published by “Advances in Rheumatology”. Of late, it was also […]

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