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Myths and Facts about Cervical Cancer – Look, Think, Plan, Execute!

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Hordes of women in the UK are being infected with cervical cancer. This is evident from the fact that around 3.2 K new-fangled cases of cervical cancer get diagnosed every single year.

However, the good news is that the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine, along with switching to HPV primary screening programmes all across Wales, Scotland, and England are ascertaining the precise course of treatment herein.

Though it is a known fact that screening plays a vital role in affirming early and precise diagnosis, it needs to be known that much more could be done for seeing to it that women take this thing seriously. In the first half of this year, the government did launch a campaign for driving the screening attendance as novel data showed an ugly fact that almost 30% of the women do not opt for cervical screening; the reason being – many of them did cite embarrassment.

The above-mentioned figures have actually made the healthcare personnel realize the inevitability of screening and also make sure that downtime needed for screening process gets reduced drastically, so as to uphold the trust of women in this system.

Digital Cytology

Digital cytology is being introduced with the objective of improving women’s health. Advanced imaging is used in amalgamation with AI herein. This increases the possibility of picking up the abnormalities that could be missed during human assessment. Digital cytology ensures that pre-cancerous cells get detected at the earliest, so as to save people with immediate effect.

As per Dr. Matejka Rebolj, one of the lead authors of the study from King’s College London, the results are pretty re-assuring. In other words, making five-yearly screening mandatory would imply prevention of more number of cancers.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s Samantha Dixon has gone on records to state that it’s anytime useful to have obtained more evidence supporting enhancements to be made to the cervical screening all over the UK.

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Patricia Salazar

Patricia Salazar, a triathlete, was diagnosed with Stage 2B cervical cancer. She did undergo a radical hysterectomy along with the other fertility treatments for stopping cancer from spreading further. As of now, Patricia does serve in non-profit world and hopes to spread her knowledge in advocating women’s reproductive health.

Green June

Also, along these lines, “Green June” has been deployed in fenua till July 2, 2022. While the new-fangled French Polynesia Cancer Institute did resume since January 1, 2022, health directorate’s cancer screening mission is termed as above, just like “Pink October” against breast cancer.

What’s with Somalia?

That was about the developed economies. Coming to under-developed economies like Somalia, in spite of various measures taken for early diagnosis and treatment of the ailment, it still remains a noteworthy public health problem herein.

The developed and developing economies need to reach the “Golden Mean” regarding diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

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