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When was the last time You had a sound Sleep? Check through the facts herein!

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The health and wellness practitioners have always vouched for being amongst the natural surroundings, so as to fell stress-free. Also, a recent study on this count says that the people living within 300 metres of farm, forest, or city park are 16% at a lesser risk of experiencing a stroke.

The Environmental International Journal did publish a new-fangled research after collecting data from over 3 Mn Spainards for measuring association between stroke and quality of surrounding air. These researchers did explore anonymized data, that too, from Catalonia’s public health service, which encompasses almost every single person from that area of Spain.

The ones below 18 years of age who had already suffered from a stroke and had incomplete data on record were not included in this study. The ultimate dataset thus comprised 3,521,274 participants.

As per the NHS, ischaemic strokes are amongst the most common kinds of strokes. They occur when blood clot goes on to block flow of oxygen and blood to brain.

As such, it’s official that green spaces are advantageous to health as they facilitate stress reduction and mental restoration, enhanced social contacts/cohesion, increase in physical activity, and a healthy exposure to microbiome.

The WHO has gauged that access to these green spaces has numerous health advantages, a few of which include enhanced immune health system health, lesser heart attacks, better mental health, reduction in frequency of heart attacks, better strokes, and better ambience during pregnancy. In other words, greenery is amongst insomnia therapeutics.

Coming to the UK, 100K people contract stroke.

The lifestyle factors increasing risk of ischaemic stroke are inclusive of smoking, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and excessive intake of alcohol.

An interesting thing to note over here is that the higher authorities at NHS are asking for fines if the patients don’t honor their appointments with GPs. This step had to be taken after close to 4.5 Mn slots were missed this year, which actually cost NHS over £1.4 Mn every single day.

All about Statins

On the other note, statins are known to cause several undesirable effects like tenderness or pain around cheekbones and eyes. This certainly calls for seeing the doctor with immediate effect. As per the NHS, statin is available in five types in the UK, but on prescription. They are inclusive of simvastatin, rosuvastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, and atorvastatin. Lovastatin is used for decreasing quantity of cholesterol and also the other fatty substances in blood.


As far as insomnia is concerned, bedtime routine to attempt sleeping (whether it be counting sheep, taking medication, or lying in bed), could be equated to the never-ending “waking nightmare”.

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) states that close to 10% of adults do contract insomnia, whereas 33% of all the adults admit struggling to get sound sleep atleast once every week.

Napping, going to sleep early, and taking medication could be tried out to get away with insomnia. It could be inferred that being punctual would help in proper sleeping.

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