Mask indoors yet again

How about wearing a Mask indoors yet again? Just Check out what CDC says!

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With a spike in Covid-19 cases in South Florida, the CDC has recommended people to go for masks indoors as well. CDC has confirmed that The Palm Beach County has witnessed positivity rate of nearly 20% of late. As such, use of masks is recommended indoors as well as on the public transportation.

As per Dr. Olayemi Osiyemi, one of the infectious disease specialists at Triple O Medical Services in West Palm Beach, this move doesn’t come as a surprise, as the last few weeks are witnessing an upswing in Covid-19 cases.

Osiyemi further confirmed that in the current scenario as many as 6 people had walked in the office to get treated and more number of cases are expected to come through in the hospital itself. The estimations are such that cases would go up after the holiday weekend. This weekend refers to July 4 coming up. Also, the fact that weekend including “Memorial Day” is the busiest one can’t be ignored.

Mixed Feelings

The residents have started getting mixed emotions regarding these new recommendations doled out. For instance – Ashley Washington, one of the residents, exclaims that wearing a mask at home is preferable as it does ensure safety.

Though vaccine boosters have come to the rescue, those with fragile immune systems have been asked to mask up on the continuous basis.

The densely populated counties of Florida on the list of high community level Covid locations include Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Monroe, Alachua, Hillsborough, Polk, Pinellas, Pasco, and Sarasota.

The recommendations by CDC for the counties mentioned above include –

  • Mask up indoors (along with in public)
  • Stay vaccinated
  • Get tested with immediate effect if symptoms are seen

Also, additional precautions are advised for the ones at higher risk of chronic illnesses.

Almost all the counties of Florida have been rated “high” regarding community transmission and majority of the US population centers that are defined as novel cases per 10K persons in the last 7 days.

Even though nationwide mask order has not come into effect, The CDC, on May 3, did re-issue the recommendation that the ones aged 2 and more do put on masks at transportation hubs and public transportation.

Almost every county and city that had re-imposed or extended mask orders during the surge of delta variants last summer followed by omicron variant emerging in late 2021 have relaxed the rules.

The CDC did revise the face-covering guidelines in the last week of February and does recommend masking up indoors for only those counties who seem to be at the highest risk of Covid-19 on the basis of new infections, local hospital capacity, and hospitalizations.

How about 39 States?

During the pandemic, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, along with 39 states, did order people to put on masks at public places. This shows that the rest 11 states didn’t impose any mandates at any point of time.

It could just be hoped that the increase in cases doesn’t again take the entire US by storm as it did way back in 2020.

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