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A national strategy is taking shape, which is emphasizing on cutting down on the number of people contracting strokes and heart attacks (which are two of the major causes of fatalities in Cyprus). The incorporation is expected to come through from the year 2023.

The above-mentioned announcement came into being after the House Health Committee conducted a meeting in this regard on Thursday.

As per Disy MP Savia Orphanidou, deputy chairwoman of the committee, the two common reasons behind death in Cyprus are strokes and ischemic heart disease, out of which 28% could be credited to cardiovascular ailments.

Orphanidou further stated that factors like staff training, awareness, preventive measures, and cultural change need to be included, so as to tackle this invisible pandemic of heart-related ailments. Heart blocks treatment devices are certainly the epicenter; but the idea of nipping the very ailment in the bud is on the anvil.

Relevant agencies have been shortlisted, who would be starting with preparations for the strategy in collaboration with the stakeholders, so that there would be a comprehendible national strategy in place within one year. This would be inclusive of strategies that are already being run through Health Ministry regarding alcohol, smoking, obesity, and need to exercise. She also went on records to state that the responsibilities taken by SHSO (State Health Services Organization) and HIO (Health Insurance Organization) in this regard are being highly appreciated.

Akel MP Marina Nicolaou has stated that they are on to following the implementation of this vital national strategy pretty closely, which would, in turn, be advantageous for the country. She did acknowledge that the public hospitals do have an incredible role to play herein.

Extending the point, Nicolaou brought to notice that immediate access to care for various patients contracting heart attack/stroke was something not worth ignoring, especially after lending an ear to guests at meeting regarding the existing reality, which is seeing delays in treatment owing to heavy workloads.

Nicolaou harped on the point that doctors need to be provided with all the essential tools, justifying that the ones needing drugs for 6 months should, by no means, be given merely a month’s supply by Gesy.

Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

Myocardial perfusion imaging is also being exclusively asked for. It is better known as “nuclear stress test”. The purpose is that of checking the flow of blood through heart muscle. It could be of utmost importance post heart attack, so as to locate areas of the damaged heart muscle. This test could be conducted while resting and exercising.

Myocardial perfusion scan makes use of a petite quantity of radioactive substance termed as “radioactive cancer”. This tracer does travel through bloodstream and the healthy heart muscle absorbs it. The scanner’s report shows the areas that absorbed tracer and looked different therein. The ones that are devoid of proper blood flow or damaged don’t absorb tracer. These areas could be termed as “defects” or “cold spots”.

In all, early diagnosis of heart ailments could go a long way in getting a healthier heart going forward.

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