Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome: Something to Worry About, but Certainly not Incurable!

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The UK, in the present scenario, houses more than 0.5 Mn of people contracting inflammatory bowel diseases. This figure is definitely a matter of grave concern as it’s double the last year estimates, as stated by researchers.

Researchers at Nottingham University, along with Charity Crohn’s @Colitis UK, has affirmed that nearly 540K people are suffering from this potential incapacitating gut disorder. Last year, the estimates were 300K.

Professor Jimmy Limdi (one of the leading experts in inflammatory bowel diseases at the University of Manchester and Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester has gone on records to state that such disorders could be categorized as the most devastating chronic disease and the figures that have surfaced are certainly eye-openers regarding the seriousness of disease. It’s a known fact that an upset stomach could adversely affect the daily course of life as well as quality of life on the whole. As such, this Crohn’s disease needs immediate attention.

Now, it needs to be known that the sedentary lifestyles are contributing a great deal to Crohn’s disease. They include an excessive consumption of junk food, processed foodstuff, stress, and lack of exercise.

The latest study had its inference from reports of 38.3 Mn GP patients all over the UK. Both – existing and new cases were examined.

One of the lead authors of the study Dr. Laila Tata has mentioned that the numbers are expected to rise with more number of people being subject to research going forward.

Though there are drugs available for treating the condition, medical practitioners recommend healthy diet.


The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, of late, did approve a new-fangled drug called “Filgotinib”, so as to help in reducing symptoms of the patients suffering from acute Ulcerative Colitis. This drug does mitigate effects of proteins indulging in activation of body’s faulty immune response leading to inflammation.

As per Yalda Alaoui (aged 43) states that a well-planned dietary and meditation regime followed by exercise could suffice in her case. She had developed abdominal pain at the age of 12 and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the year 2007 (in her 20s).

Yalda has been a financer and has two kids. She was administered drugs comprising immunosuppressant’s and steroids for subverting her immune system, but the side-effects persisted. She then trained herself as a nutritionist and conducted an extensive research, which, in turn, helped her developing a mental wellness programme that could aid her in exercising control over her symptoms. The diet included the one abreast with unprocessed foods, plants, low-sugar fruits, fermented foods, and healthy oils, coupled with a workout regime emphasizing on anti-inflammatory exercise and meditation practice promulgating healthy immune function.

Anti-inflammatory Cytokines

On the other hand, anti-inflammatory cytokines come across as a constellation of immunoregulatory molecules controlling pro-inflammatory cytokine response. The cytokines do act in conjunction with soluble cytokine receptors and cytokine inhibitors for regulating human immune response. The major aanti-inflammatory cytokines are inclusive of interleukin (IL)-1 receptor antagonist, IL-4, IL-13, IL-11, IL-10, and IL-6.

In a nutshell, eating healthy is the key to keeping Crohn’s disease at bay.

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