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How about having Safe Oral Sex without loss of time and Pleasure? Check Out!

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Be it committed sex or a short hook-up, the key elements are two things – revealing undergarments and safe sex! Combination of these two would certainly be a bliss!

Along these lines, the US FDA has approved prophylactic panties to play safe during oral sex. In other words, Lorals has floored its synthetic, ultrathin, flavoured underwear, which actually does not let the partners bite more than they can actually chew, thereby preventing the onset of an STI.

Is Oral Sex Safe?

As per Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo (director of the division of infectious diseases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham), oral sex is not free of risks and there is, in fact, extensive protection to be adhered to, especially for teenagers, as they are new to the world of sex. Marrazzo has further explained that using the above-mentioned protection could benefit sexually active people pertaining to every age group, with increase in pleasure and reduction in anxiety.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unprotected oral sex could result in gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, and HPV (human papillomavirus). Though HPV may seem to be harmless for a few, if left untreated, it could also lead to genitals, anus, cervix, mouth or throat getting cancer.

Dental Dams?

Doctors usually encourage the use of dental dams (which come across as thin pieces of stretchy rubber extending over and inside the vagina and could be held in the place by hand) to propagate oral sex, but people hardly take them seriously. The worst part is that they are more expensive than condoms, so not easily available in medical stores. They could be procured online or made by moving scissors through a condom.

Till date, dental dams were the only approved and available methods of protection. However, the product tabled by Lorals (as mentioned above) could mean less cumbersome oral sex.

How did Lorals come into being?

Lorals, who has Melanie Cristol as the founder, is into making latex, disposable underwear that does obstruct the transmission of harmful pathogens, fluids, and various STIs. The underwear’s are available in both – shortie and bikni cuts, and are thin like condoms, but have vanilla flavour to provide extra pleasure.

Cristol came up with the idea of devising a sexy, protective panty during her honeymoon (in Mexico) in the year 2014 with her then better-half. When she got to know that she had got infected with STI, she admitted that hell had actually broken loose as she was at her wit’s end hunting for protection.

Cristol herself is a sex educator as well as a lawyer. She was looking out for something that could give her the feeling of being confident and sexy and multiply the urge to have sex.

Lorals’ website says that it is for people with vulvas. Cristol further clarified that the name had its inspiration from the letter “l”, which stands for lust and love. Moreover, tongue-curling motion gives out “L” sound.

So far, the reviews have been positive. IT is expected that this product will take the market pertaining to protection by storm going forward.

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