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Sedentary lifestyle brings ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity with it. These, in turn, put the person (s) concerned at the risk of Alzheimer’s.

A research team based out of California has stated that encountering obesity during midlife is likely to raise risks of contracting Alzheimer’s by close to 18%. It has further stated that Native and Black American people are at a much higher risk of Alzheimer’s, basically due to the fact that they do suffer from increased risk factors. According to the CDC, over 70% of the American population is overweight, whereas over 40% is obese.

Researchers have also confirmed that physical inactivity does increase risk of contracting devastating cognitive condition by 13%. Alzheimer’s also comes with diabetes and hypertension as per them.

The findings mentioned above have been published in JAMA Neurology. Around 375K people were selected for conducting research.

Researchers have discovered that the one who suffers from above-mentioned risk factors is 35% likely to develop Alzheimer’s, whereas women might suffer from an increased risk of 30%.

Worse is the fact that all the three conditions – hypertension, obesity, and Alzheimer’s are known to cause infertility, shorter life expectancy, and several heart ailments.

As per Deborah Barnes (professor of psychiatry at the University of California), people could reduce risk to develop Alzheimer’s and also the other kinds of dementia by opting for a healthy lifestyle.

Though aging is something that can’t be avoided, opting for healthy food is certainly something that could be practiced. The other factor that needs to be looked into is “genetic susceptibility”. A gene variant termed as “APOE4” gets carried forward by carriers, which could result in Alzheimer’s.

Depression also leading to Alzheimer’s?

Depression is another cause of dementia, especially amongst the women. It has been reported that 11% of the cases of dementia could be linked to lifetime history of depression by Dr. Roch Niangogo. Almost 25% of women under the study have admitted that they were diagnosed with depression at certain point in their life time.

Also, the Alzheimer’s Association is into wiring funds for a trial termed as “U.S. POINTER”. It is testing the combination approach (combination of healthy behaviors) amongst the geriatric population who are at a growing risk of dementia. These lifestyle measures are including mentally stimulating activities, exercise, better control of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Modes of Treatment

As of now, Aducanumab is the only approved Alzheimers Disease Therapeutics. Coming to Treatment Syndromes Dementia Movement Disorders, there are drugs available for progressive dementia and also the one with neurological abnormalities. Coming to obesity surgery devices, non-invasive bariatric surgery is the most preferred one due to the convenience factor involved.

Overall, fostering mental health is the best way of averting Alzheimer’s. In other words, healthy mind is what goes with maintaining proper health. Also, it has been observed that one of the major midlife crises is “obesity”. It does happen that with life at the brink of an irreversible note, one tends to conveniently ignore the health, thereby ending up gulping more than required. This definitely calls for attention, and if this attention comes from the outer forces, there would be a good check applied. This is where controlling obesity comes into picture.

It would be pretty interesting to see how the measures to control obesity, and, in turn, Alzheimer’s unfold in the near future.

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