In-Vitro Fertilization

Shying Away from Infertility? Here’s a way out in the form of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

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“Rescripted” comes across as one of the media platforms that provides technology tools as well as resources to those who plan family-building. Kristyn Hodgdon, a professional writer and an ardent reader, thought of this after she herself dealt with infertility.

Ovulation Needed?

When Kristyn and her husband decided to conceive, she was actually not aware that ovulation is needed for getting pregnant. She had irregular periods, but was under the impression that merely having unprotected sex with her husband would result in conception. This was, of course, a half decade back, when she was 28. However, it did not work out.

She then regularly started visiting the doctor to get the issue of her irregular menstrual cycle resolved, upon which, the doctor advised her to either “wait and watch” or go for “birth control pills”.

However, when nothing happened, she went for an internal check-up, which highlighted that she had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and she was asked to see a fertility specialist, not aware of what situation she was actually getting embroiled in.

It came like a jolt from blue to her when she got to know that PCOS had hit her at a young age of 28. Also, she felt that she was all alone in battling infertility. On being suggested to go for IVF, she had the least idea of the fact that committing herself to IVF would be like handling a second portfolio.

The only plus point on her part was that she had fertility coverage, which saved her tens of thousands of dollars, but there was something more challenging coming through. IVF actually took a toll on her emotional, mental, and physical being, and it hit her really hard, as she was not warned about it in advance.

The experience mentioned above did open gates to document her journey. At present, i.e. after 5 years, she has got two IVF babies, which, in turn, puts a fullstop to ultrasounds, blood draws, and injections that could be counted.

She has laid down just a few steps to educated the people about her fertility journey –

  • Visit a fertility speciality asap
  • Feel free to ask questions
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Handle fertility challenges step by step (prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and then physically)

That was about Kristyn Hodgdon!

Freezing the Eggs

However, there is another option to keep your conception viable; and that is to store/freeze the eggs! These days, many working women, with the objective to beat the biological clock, opt to freeze eggs. This has actually made in-vitro fertilization (IVF) a common word. It actually implies combining sperm and eggs outside body in a lab and is looked upon as a usual form of “assisted reproductive technology”.

Experts state that smoking and alcoholism are the main attributes to infertility. Also, unwanted stress is likely to result in irregular periods. The men’s sperm count could also get reduced due to stress. These factors, in turn, reduce the urge to have a healthy sex and go for natural conception.

In all, staying mentally and physically healthy does help in having a good sex life; but in case of infertility as mentioned above, resorting to IVF would be a good course of action. Of Course, those turned infertile due to unhealthy habits are still more in number.

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