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A CGM comes across as one of the compact medical systems that does monitor the glucose levels on continuous basis real-time (there is generally a 5-minute interval between two readings).

A small sensor gets inserted into abdomen (or arm) with a small plastic tube called “cannula” that is penetrating the skin’s top layer. The sensor thus gets held by an adhesive patch, thereby letting it go for glucose readings in the interstitial fluid (fluid surrounding cells in body) all through day and night. Usually, sensors need to undergo replacement every one-two weeks.

A reusable transmitter that the sensor is connected to lets system send real-time readings through wireless means to monitor device displaying the blood glucose data. Certain systems are accompanied with dedicated monitor, and certain do display information through smartphone app. Therefore, one need not carry any additional device along.

The CGMs also send alerts as to when blood sugar levels are rising or dropping. This helps the patients concerned in being extra vigilant regarding their blood sugar levels.

NHS and GlucoRx?

NHS has found a Samaritan in the form of GlucoRx! Yes, you read it right! GlucoRx has collaborated with NHS for providing continuous glucose monitors for every person suffering from type 1 diabetes all across the UK. These monitors are looked upon as “life-changers” herein.

Free CGMs (continuous glucose monitors) are being rolled out to the NHS patients suffering from Type 1 diabetes with a 2-week use. As such, GlucoRx AiDEX CGM is being made available since April 1, 2022 on “Drug Tariff”.

According to the latest guidelines by NICE, every single person battling this condition is eligible for CGM (a wearable sensor that lets people check the glucose levels, that too, with one-second scan). GlucoRx also claims that the CGM provided by it provides a good combination of cost-efficiency and precision in comparison with the counterparts.

As per Chris Chapman, COO of GlucoRx, the life-changing CGM devices from GlucoRx are the first of their kind, available based on prescription for each and every NHS patient suffering from type 1 diabetes.

As of now, over 1K GlucoRx CGM’s have already been sold. The users have branded GlucoRx AiDEX CGM as “having precision of the highest order” and “super simple to use”.

The Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2022 did witness presentation of a research paper, which stated that flash monitoring, apart from helping in improvement of blood glucose levels in the ones with type 1 diabetes, does have positive effect on the quality of their overall lives as well.

The current situation is such that NHS England spends close to 10% of its overall budget on treatment for diabetes.

NHS opines that tools like the ones mentioned above do help people in better managing the condition and curtail the associated hospitalisations and illnesses, which would also reduce the costs of treatment long-term.

This affordable mode of treatment is bound to take the market for diabetes care by storm in the UK. The other regions are also expected to follow suit in the next decade.

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