Masturbation causing Choking of Lungs? Check out below with real-time Instances!

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Masturbation can lead to serious injury, though a rare occurrence!

As per report by “The Sun”, a 20-year old patient ended up in the emergency department during masturbation, as he started experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains. Upon arrival, he informed the doctors that he started getting these symptoms while masturbating.

Upon examination, doctors observed that the above-mentioned Switzerland-based patient did have aa swollen face. They had to keep him in the ICU for a night and in hospital for 3 days when the doctors tried relieving the pain.

The patient was diagnosed with SPM (spontaneous pneumomediastinum). This condition implies leakage of air from lung such that it gets lodged in ribcage. The medics gave a statement in “radiology Case Reports” that trapped air had reached that man’s skol.

The X-Ray showed that air was trapped in space between lung sacs and chest. The patient admitted being subject to history of asthma, but refuted drugging or smoking. Medical experts state that this happens with men within 23 years of age. Chest tube usually solves the problem. As such, it’s a rare occurrence to go for surgical treatment. Fortunately, chances of recurrence post treatment are merely 1%.

The patient, after hospitalization, was given paracetomol and the other medications till his shortness of breath and chest pain disappeared. The medics threw further light stating that there are only a handful of reports pertaining to SPM tracing to sexual activity. As such, there were no cases related to autoeroticism found. This does render the entire case unusual.

SPM – Life-threatening?

They affirmed that SPM is not a life-threatening condition and occurs rarely. Symptoms, apart from chest pain and shortness of breath, include vomiting and neck pain. There could also be difficulty in swallowing. The voice could turn hoarse.

Science Direct states that patient seeking pleasure (mentioned above) is the first one to encounter SPM post masturbation.

As per Dr. Christian Schandl and Dr. Nikola Rajic, the leading authors of this study, the injury mentioned above was previously caused due to intense sex, but didn’t have autoerotic experiences to lay down.

However, autoerotic activities have caused medical mishaps in the past, which aren’t uncommon. In early 2022, a Brazil-based man aged 54 was hospitalized on shoving a dumbbell weighing 4.4 pounds up his anus to experience pleasure, and a self-proclaimed virgin based out of Indonesia (aged 37) got along a 6-feet-long string entirely stuck in the penis at the time of botched sex game.

Health is Wealth!

Masturbation is not unusual, but the aftereffects in case of certain men can’t be ignored. Many a times, those having chronic ailments do land themselves in trouble while performing sexual activities. It looks minuscule initially, but could result in something extremely serious from the other side. That’s why, it’s always advised to keep a healthy mind in healthy body. There have been instances of those stressed out not doing well on the bed, or even getting cardiac arrests while the coitus is going on. Add respiratory disorders to it, and the life is all set to go for a toss!

It could be inferred that staying healthy against all the odds is the key!

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