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Better Indoor Air Quality to mitigate Covid-19? 4th Booster to Add!

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The WHO, in July 2020, did communicate that virus that held the responsibility of Covid-19 spread by the way of aerosolized transmission and not by the way of droplets carried within the radius of 6 feet (as believed in the initial stages). However, the CDC showed hesitation to officiate this as complications and costs involved in dealing with these new-fangled findings were going to be challenging as compared to social distancing, closures, and masks. At the same time, it also knew that they were essential for long term safety and health of country.

Indoor Air Quality

Now, post 20 months, the government claims to be well set in tackling the pandemic’s structural ramifications. As per Dr. Alondra Nelson, the one who heads the White House Office of Science and Technology, has mentioned that in spite of numerous strategies, right from remote working to masking being incorporated, emphasis should be laid on making indoor environments safer by cleaning or filtering air.

Research states that having air changed in a room multiple times/hour with clean or filtered outdoor air, that too, using a window fan by employing MERV filters in an HVAC system, could cut down on the risk of transmission of Covid-19. Nevertheless, diseases like common cold, flu, and the other airborne diseases could also be kept at bay.

More number of people are found to look upon wellness as the topmost priority these days. As such, it’s vital for the property developers and managers to have their clean air efforts communicated to the prospective residents effectively. These thoughts are being echoed by Mary Cook, a commercial interior designer based out of Chicago. She also states that tenants have started recognizing value of well-ventilated, thoughtfully designed spaces. They are also taking the help of MERV ratings for sharing the specifics regarding indoor air quality. This audience’s psyche is being well-captured by providers by publishing rental ads with availability of the number of parking spaces as well as well as square footage of the unit (s).

About Second Covid-19 Booster Vaccines

The US FDA has gone ahead with authorization of second Covid-19 booster vaccines for people aged 50 and above, 4 months after their previous booster shots. As such, there would be an increase in frequency of employees availing a day off to get vaccinated for Covid-19. CDC, along with the US FDA, is expected to permit recommendation for boosters. In other words, the vaccines won’t be officially recommended, but people who wish to get vaccinated could be authorized to do so. These additional boosters would be a 4th dose of Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines.

As per Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist serving as a director to the Scripps Translational Research Institute in California, Israel-based research concluded that the ones aged 60 and above receiving second booster were at the least risk of getting Covid-19 in comparison with the ones who got 1 booster dose.

It could be inferred that getting the better of indoor air quality along with the 4th dose could bring in the Covid-free era.

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