Relaxation of Norms or Invitation to an Unwanted Outbreak to Flu? Check out!

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As per health officials, certain North Country towns are battling flu outbreak, and majority of cases are seen in toddlers.

It has been reported that Covid-19 mitigation strategies being incorporated in the last 2 years did put a check on the further spread of flu virus. However, the fact that with these strategies getting eased, flu and the other viruses are raising their ugly heads can’t be ignored.

As per Valerie Hart, the COO of Coos County Family Health Services, the last week alone witnessed 31 cases of flu. Hart also mentioned that though the number of Covid-19 cases all across is comparatively lower (than the last year), relaxing the norms, like unmasking is raising the risks of ailments like flu, for children, in particular.

Normal to Mingle with Normalcy?

For instance – With casual approach taking over, people have started sending their children readily to the birthday parties, which they refrained from doing so. Instances like these are enough for children to contract flu. It is a known fact that flu does mutate readily. Plus, the information available at the moment is based on the last flu season, which means that places not having witnessed flu last time are devoid of information.

According to Dr. Justin Kim, one of the epidemiologists at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, another reason for rise in cases could be not-so-effective flu shots. Still, he says that flu vaccine should not be taken lightly. He has go.ne on records to state that vaccination for flu overpowers Covid vaccine.

Coos County Family Health is conducting loads of tests for Covid-19 and Flu. As per Kim, the likelihood of someone getting infected by flu as well as Covid-19 at one time is a remote possibility.

Coming to the other states, CDC’s report dated March 25 states that the highest flu test positivity levels have been seen in South-Central and Central states. Further estimates say that there are atleast 3.1 Mn flu illnesses, 1.8 K flu-related deaths, and 31K hospitalizations all over the US in this season.

Unusual Outburst of Flu?

Typically, flu season starts in October and ends in the month of May. CDC has expressed its concern over increase in flu cases at unusual time of the year. The Erie country, since the last 5 weeks, has witnessed 100 cases of flu each week.

Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) has officiated that this season has witnessed 47,309 laboratory-confirmed influenza cases in the entire state. Also, the number of fatalities reported are 49. The good part is that no pediatric deaths are reported so far.

It’s high time that masking is made mandatory again, as that move will prevent the further spread of flu, or for that matter, any respiratory disease.

People need to understand that masking is “the new normal”. Certain things can’t be done away with now, come what may. If people follow this self-discipline, things would be in control and treating the already affected patients would be simpler. The services could be diverted more towards cure and less towards diagnosis then.

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