Child Obesity

Child Obesity not to be taken casually – Check Out for the facts!

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The South Texas region has been subject to obesity since long. Along these lines, two well-known health officials have pitched in to explain the seriousness of this ailment in the community.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has, apart from raising uncertainties, has also contributed to child obesity. This could be credited to the adult population turning a blind eye to fitness, and, in turn, passing on the same legacy to the younger generation.

Blatant Facts

The health officials mentioned above have gone on record to state that 33% of adult population from Web County and Laredo fall in the category of “obese population”. They have also stated that 38% of the population is at risk of getting obese. These statistics come from Texas Medical Association.

Dr. Victor Trevino – The City of Laredo Health Authority has affirmed that obesity is, indeed, a serious matter to address. Also, it’s a known fact that this ailment invites several other ailments like heart-related disorders, respiratory disorders, fatty lever, hypertension, and diabetes.

It is a known fact that factors causing obesity include an improper diet, irregular exercise, and excessive drinking. However, the pandemic added to the fury between March 2020 and September 2021 as everything except survival turned out to be the top priority. Though the post-Covid era is seeing people getting more health-conscious, those struck in the obesity-oriented hurricane need to come out of it at the earliest. Children have also not been spared (as stated above).

Another cause that has been figured out is that in several communities, intake of vegetables and fruits is found to be abysmal. Plus, children are more into playing indoor games, which do not involve much of the physical activities. Awareness needs to be raised on this count. In case of kids, their psychology needs to be studied first, because if the things are not set right at the first stage, the children are likely to turn cranky.

Coming to the UK, the civic leaders have raised their eyebrows over the higher levels of childhood obesity amongst children. The latest estimates state that Gloucesteshire alone houses over 25K obese children.

Research states that the pandemic witnessed an increase of 0.3% in student obesity rates in England. Councillor Lisa Spivey (LD, South Cerney) did mention that the situation was indeed alarming.

Remedial Measures

On these grounds, a joint meeting was held among health overview scrutiny committee, communities scrutiny committee, and adult social care on March 8. Therein, it was discussed that parents need to be educated first, as to what should be fed to the children and when. It was observed that families abreast with 2 parents that bring in money and also have extra childcare find it simpler to cultivate healthy habits in children as compared to the ones who work 3 jobs and are not available for preparing meal from scratch.

In a nutshell, it needs to be realized that child obesity should be nipped in the bud. More the ignorance, unhealthier would be the future of these children.

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