With Obesity raising its Ugly Head, Turkey & Italy to Pull Up Socks!

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Though the Covid era has turned into post-Covid era now, the obesity index (OI) that had skyrocketed in the Covid era hasn’t subsided. In countries like Turkey, around 40% of women fall in the category of ‘obese’ ones and 25% of men are walking along the similar lanes. It’s a known fact that obesity can’t be taken casually. At times, it could be equated with cancer in terms of danger quotient (DQ).

As per experts, treatment related to obesity implies a complex procedure that ought to be conducted under strict supervision of nutrition, aesthetic surgery, psychiatry, and endocrinology specialists. This could be concluded with post-bariatric surgery.

Turkey: Obesity-oriented Statistics

As per the Parliamentary Committee on Obesity Fighting Methods, close to 34% of the population in Turkey was overweight in the year 2021 alone. An interesting point to note over here is that increase in obesity has been observed from east to west. As of now, Turkey is the top-seeded country in Europe with regards to obesity rates.

According to Prof. Dr. Alper Celik – Etiler Esthetique Center and Private Etiler Hospital Medical Director, Increasing anxiety and stress amidst pandemic unknowingly drew the people towards eating disorders. The WHO has affirmed that 33% of the population of Turkey is obese.

Diabetic population should certainly not go for the procedure mentioned above, and so should the ones suffering from anemia and high blood pressure. The basic reason is that excessive weight loss is not advisable for those battling these ailments as the likelihood of causing unsightly skin sagging, particularly in neck, face, arms, hips, abdomen, chest, and legs can’t be ruled out. Though there is a way out in the form of “Aesthetics After Obesity Surgery”, i.e. post-bariatric surgery, it’s subject to further lengthy procedures, which may result in the patient (s) running out of patience.

What’s with Italy?

Another country – Italy, raising the same concerns, has put its first foot forward. “ObeWeCare” is the project being worked upon, does trace a new-fangled screening process that aims at the women contracting obesity that enables prevention of the risk of cancers in women. Medtronic is the company unconditionally supporting the initiative.

The principal objectives are inclusive of increasing awareness regarding female obesity to prevent further damage, designing and implementing multi-disciplinary and effective therapeutic diagnostic paths, and releasing certified information regarding obesity (and the comorbidities).

Studies show that obese patients are more prone to tumor precursors like complex atypical hyperplasia and do develop endometrial carcinomas. ObeWeCare is onto apprising the women about these facts, so that they can get into the preventive mode at their earliest. Those who are already infected are taken care of through remedial measures.

The 5 centers of excellence supported by Medtronic Italia are being governed by doctors who have specialized in endocrinology, gynaecology, and bariatric surgery. They are promoting joint checks and culture of “Prevention is better than cure” by going for screening process combining controls related to obesity in females.

In all, with growing benevolence regarding obesity in females, normalcy on this count is expected to get restored within the next few years.

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