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Prevention is better than Cure –Play Safe and Transparent Further!

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“Super Gonorrhoea” has been sweeping the UK since the last few days. The region is, in fact, under high alert in this regard. London has recorded as many as 87,690 Std Self Diagnostics (Sexually transmitted diseases), followed by the South East (32,972) and North West (29,972). East Midlands did record 18,920 cases.

As per the UK Health Security Agency, the very first case of “super gonorrhoea” was spotted in the year 2016. Since then, 12 cases have been reported, inclusive of 3 detected in the year 2022.

As per the experts, this super strain is gaining traction all across the UK. An ugly fact is that it shows its resistance to ceftriaxone (the drug used for treating STIs). University of Oxford’s academic lead on antimicrobial resistance Tim Walsh has stated that this new-fangled strain did pose a plethora of problems as even the preliminary drugs were not available.

Besides, UKHSA’s STI head Dr. Katy Sinka has gone on records to state that it would be too early to state if this would be beginning of longer-term trend. At the same time, he has not missed to say that incidences of STIs are on the rise in general.

Ness Cooper, a well-known clinical sexologist, has mentioned that surroundings play a vital role in transmission of STI. For instance – if the schools/educational institutions are progressive when it comes to sex-related discussions, like – does the college/school offer out condoms for free or not. Also, availability of local clinics for regularly testing oneself is mandatory.

Research states that gonorrhoea isn’t fatal but it is likely to result in various other long-term health concerns inclusive of ectopic pregnancies and infertility.

Sexual experts state that Chlamydia is amongst the most common conditions all over England. Adults aged between 20 and 24 are reported to suffer from chlamydia.

Gonorrhoea has raised its head once again in the UK. It is a harsh reminder of the fact that sexual health need to be the topmost priority. A casual approach herein won’t suffice. It also brings to the notice that the individuals should be taking precautionary measures herein; instead of depending on the governments to conduct awareness drives.

Better be Safe than Worry

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment are amongst the ailments that could be prevented through mutual transparency and awareness. In other words, the sexual partners should take an utmost care before indulging into coitus. If every any of them had any sex-related illness in the past, he/she needs to inform the partner, irrespective of the latter being a regular one or any new setting. It has been observed that partners refrain from mentioning about their sexual history for the fear of being judged. They need to look at the bigger picture instead. Informing beforehand paves the way for safe sex – not in terms of using contraceptives but in terms of being abreast with each other on sexual grounds.

In a nutshell, the outbreak of gonorrhoea is a wake-up call for the people residing in the UK. Acting on time would go a long way in avoiding further damage.

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