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Hearing Loss Correlated with getting vaccinated for Covid-19? Let’s check out!

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As per study that has been published in AMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, there is no correlation between vaccination against Covid-19 and development of abrupt sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) amongst adults.

Researchers did consider SSNHL’s 555 cases, i.e. 555 people who got in touch with CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System after getting Covid-19 vaccine administered. Herein, they found that there was actually no link between Covid-19 vaccines and Hearing Loss Treatment.

Early Diagnosis?

These findings were shared with the healthcare professionals, especially the ones involved in assessment of SSNHL, so that early diagnosis as well as treatment would be feasible.

SSNHL implies hearing loss (HL) higher than 30 dB in atleast 3 consecutive frequencies that are developed within 3 days. The facts of the matter is that SSNHL’s panthophysiology is still unknown in majority of patients. Though numerous aetiological hypotheses are being tabled, primary source seems to be cochlear injury due to impaired vascular perfusion/viral infection. It has been observed that SSNHL does affect the ones aged from 40 to 54 the most. There could be disorders in cochlear blood flow owing to change in platelet aggregability, cellular aggregability, endothelial function, red blood cell deformability, and plasma viscosity. These disorders could result in hearing loss.

Coming back to SSNHL, viral action is bound to cause a direct damage to the cochlear nerves or cochlear structures. They could also induce responses from cross-reaction of inner ear antigens.

Direct Connection?

Though direct connection could not be established between SSNHL and intake of Covid-19 vaccines, the researchers are vying for remote possibilities on this count. An extensive research is being conducted on this count.

The fact is that with the onset of pandemic, even minute things are being looked upon as correlations with the other ailments – here it’s hearing loss. People have even reported to have contracted SSNHL after getting vaccinated against measles, hepatitis B, rabies, and likewise.

Though 1-2 case studies have proved the rule, the inferences at large need to be established as yet. The frequency of contracting SSNHL after vaccination against COVID-19 Saliva-based Screening is abysmal, atleast the results say so.

As of now, research regarding putting forth more number of vaccines against Covid-19 is “on”. With this research, research regarding probable side-effects of this vaccination is expected to be conducted on the parallel grounds. In other words, the future is expected to come in with several surprises on this count. It’s just time to wait and watch!

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