Show me What you eat and I will tell You What you are!


You are defined by what you eat! Yes, you guessed it right! Your physical as well as mental health is very well dependent on what your kitchen contains. You can have your kitchen shelves stacked with delicious and/or healthy stuff, ranging from natural alternatives, healthy lentils, and nutritionally dense foodstuff to processed foods abreast with calories.

There are certain foods that could be tried out, which could be cooked to taste good with nutrients in an aplomb –

  • Nuts

Nuts could be added to the desserts, or just like that on soaking in water. Research states that nuts create wonders as far as transformation of mental and physical health is concerned. Walnuts and almonds, apart from enhancing brain functions, act as energy-boosting foods. As such, they could be looked upon as a good snacking option between lunch and dinner. Pistachios are known to improve the ocular as well as neural functions and are also a boon for skin and hair. Peanuts act as a powerhouse of nutrition, equivalent to 17 grams of protein in every half-filled cup.

  • Coconut

Coconut is a storehouse of nutrients. Everything – right from coconut oil, raw coconut, coconut water, or coconut milk could be termed as “superfood”. Micronutrients obtained from coconut include potassium, copper, and magnesium. Consumption of coconut water acts as an excellent anxiety buster. It is reported to have anti-depressant effect as well.

  • Dates

Diabetic patients could rely on dates (apart from jiggery). Dates contain antioxidants like carotenoids, flavonoids, and phenolic acid, along with potassium. Research also states that date palm fruits enhance memory, learning ability, and help in keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay. Jaggery and dates instant mixes like the one provided by “NutrEatLife” could be substituted to sugar in beverages and dishes for sweetening them. Thus, intake of sugar could be avoided.

  • Jaggery

Jaggery is pretty high as far as nutritional value is concerned. It does contain a reasonable quantity of minerals and antioxidants. The good part about jiggery is that it could be consumed raw, or even included in meals in place of sugar to enhance on flavour. These days, tea is also offered with jaggery. Immunity certainly gets boosted, along with the entire body getting purified, especially the blood and liver.

  • Ragi

Ragi, along with proteins, contains nutrients like calcium and iron, vitamins B-Complex, E, and C. As such, intake of ragi works in favour of skin and hair. Those having sleeping disorders also get benefited, as ragi doess induce sleep, that too, in natural form. The nerves also get relaxed. Moreover, every age group can consume it. The finished product could be baby cereal, pancake, or porridge.

The present scenario is such that EQ (emotional quotient) rules the roost. This EQ could be in good terms only if mind and body go hand in hand. In other words, both – physical and mental health need to be stable to be on the plank of stability. The kitchen foods mentioned above are bound to go a long way herein.

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