Unscrupulous Invasion to raise the Uncertainty Index amidst Covid-19

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Italy witnessed 46,169 Covid-Positive cases on February 24, 2022, in comparison with 49,040 on February 23. Also, the fatalities fell to 249 (from 252).

The EU’s health regulator did back administering Pfizer’s booster shot and Covid-19’s vaccine to the adolescents aged 12 and above. Also, it proposes administering Moderna’s shot in kids aged between 6 and 11.

On the other hand, Canada did witness protest for 3 weeks against the strict measures taken in wake of pandemic that adversely affected Ottawa’s trading operations. Vaccine from Medicago, on Thursday, did turn out to be the very first plant-based shot after clearance from Health Canada for usage in the adults.

Coming to the Asia-Pacific, Japan has stated that the international travellers who show proof of being vaccinated against Covid-19, that too, from Johnson & Johnson, would be let in and also fulfil the eligibility criteria of being quarantined for short-term on easing of border controls from March onwards.

Even Australia’s borders were sealed till date. Wilson Bayly Holmes – Ovcon Ltd., a well-known construction company having its base in South Africa, has decided to pull out of the country. It was candid enough to accept that Australia’s hardline Covid-19 response had forced it to rethink regarding business continuity herein.

Hong Kong has come out with vaccine passports that required children aged 12 and above to have minimum one dose administered. Thailand has recorded an increase of close to 23,557 new-fangled infections on daily basis till now.

Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, was gushed out of school event happening in Christchurch after those opposing Covid-19 restrictive measures flocked to the venue only to chase the car she was travelling in.

Coming to Middle East and Africa, it has been observed that Omicron BA.2 sub-variant is all the more infectious as compared to the original BA.1 sub-variant. However, the medical practitioners state that it could be cured.

Mental Disorders?

It has been an established fact that pandemic has resulted in psychological stress. However, the ones who already have had Covid-19 are more prone to mental disorders than those who could avert virus.

The US health officials have stated that interval between the two doses of vaccines against Covid-19 need to be 8 weeks as far as young men are concerned. This could curtail the risk to heart inflammation.

The Russian Angle

Besides, Russia invading Ukraine is a violent blow on all the counts, especially the Euro Zone banks. They did witness the worst day in the history of trading since crash in March 2020. Dollar index did rise by 1.3% post looking through the last notable technical hurdles prior to early pandemic peak at 102.99.

Invasion by Russia has certainly called for scramble for the dollars. The prices of energy all over Europe have also gone haywire, which have raised eyebrows regarding the policy divergence between ECB and Fed.

In a nutshell, the mixed bag of Covid-related measures are resulting in protests at some places and retreat at the other places. On the top of that, Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent across a ray of unpredictability all across.

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