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Sleep Apnea – Better be Safe than Sorry with timely Treatments

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Amongst the numerous type of sleep apnea existing as of now, the one most prevalent is “obstructive sleep apnea”. It implies intermittent relaxation of throat muscles and ultimate blockage of the airways on being asleep. At times surgery could also be needed – provided the case is severe.

Certain warning signals to sleep apnea include morning headaches, night time sweating, decreased libido, and high blood pressure. These are, in fact, big tell-tale signs.

Plus, if an individual experiences alterations like irritability or depression, or find concentration difficult, it calls for paying a visit to the general physician.

Symptoms while Sleeping

Symptoms of sleep apnea while sleeping include stoppage of breathing at regular intervals, making choking, snorting, or gasping noises, frequently waking up, and loud snoring. During the day time, the individual may also feel extra-tired, find it tough to concentrate, have a headache on waking up, or have mood swings.

One of the basic reasons behind sleep apnea could be extra fat stores all through the airway. “Being obese” is generally linked with sleep apnea due to the fact that an extra soft tissue could block the airway, which could, in turn, result in breathing to get restricted. On being diagnosed with this condition, the individual may be asked to undergo certain changes in lifestyle like weight loss, curbing smoking, and limiting consumption of alcohol.


An interesting fact to learn is that sleep apnea need not be treated on medical grounds if it happens to be mild. However, if sleep and health – both are getting adversely affected, a few things need to be tried out. They are inclusive of a chin strap that goes on to re-position jaw. This treatment is termed as “hypoglossal nerve stimulation”.

Another way of treatment is that by upper airway surgery for removing the tissue from airways. A popular treatment on this count is use of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device. It comes across as a mask fitting over nose and mouth, and does blow air into airways for helping in keeping it open at the time of sleep. The device could be bought online or on the NHS.

Case Study

An Indian expat based out of Dubai was battling sleep apnea since the last decade. Mr. Irwinder Singh Bajaj, better known by his profession (heading finance at one of the leading international luxury brands), started using a CPAP machine during sleep after being diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. The results were pleasing. He states that he wakes up early now, which too, with freshness instilled all over! As such, his efficiency and energy levels have reached an enigmatic stage.

Negligence could prove to be Fatal

The healthcare personnel are repeatedly advising the use of CPAP worldwide. Of late, Bappi Lahiri’s (a leading music director of Bollywood) demise was reasoned with various complications resulting from obstructive sleep apnea.

The only worry of healthcare personnel is that sleep apnea goes undiagnosed for really long. In other words, people don’t take sleep disorders seriously. It’s high time they start doing it, so as to prevent untimely fatalities.

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