Tadalafil – Sex-Enhancer or Curator of Dementia?

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Viagra-like drugs are no more confined to rejuvenation of sex lives. Research, in fact, states that medications pertaining to erectile dysfunction could be of great help in treating vascular dementia as well. In other words, these medications have been designed for increasing blood flowing to penis, so as to treat the erectile dysfunction. The U.K.-based researchers went ahead with testing one such drug called Cialis (tadalafil). The tests revealed that tadalafil is capable of raising flow of blood to brain in the geriatric population that is subject to brain arteries getting narrowed. This narrowing can further result in strokes and vascular dementia.

Tadalafil – A Broader Arena?

Dr. Jeremy Isaacs, one of the consulting neurologists at St. George’s Hospital of London, in its principal investigation, has admitted that in the present scenario there is no prescribed treatment for cognitive decline due to narrowing of brain arteries. As such, use of tadalafil could prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Certain participants did receive tadalafil as a single dose, whereas the others received an inactive placebo. A specific MRI was used for recording the brain blood flow.

It was observed that the ones aged 70 and above showed an increased flow in brain’s white matter (the area vital for vascular dementia). These finds were published in journal called “Alzheimer’s & Dementia”. They pertain to phase 2 clinical trial.

Isaacs also confirmed that in this landmark study wherein reversing reduction in the blood flow was attempted.

Out of drugs belonging to the same group like vardenafil (Levitras), tadalafil, and sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil was chosen to conduct this trial as it is known to stay in bloodstream for a longer duration than its counterparts. The evidence – it’s able to make a better entry to brain.

Hainsworth, one of the readers in cerebrovascular disease at the same St. George’s, has gone on records to state that repurposed drugs are at an advantage of shorter time needed for development, with low cost and familiar safety profile after expiry of the original patent. He has also mentioned that further investigations would be making way for novel options for the clinicians working on treating dementia.

Handle Tadalafil with Utmost Care!

Also, the fact that going for oral ED (erectile dysfunction) medications just for the heck of going for them, i.e. without medical prescription could pose health risks can’t be ignored. These days, it’s pretty simple to order these oral ED medications online. However, there is a likelihood of availability of these drugs through unlicensed pharmacies, which could prove to be counterproductive.

Another danger could be psychological dependency on this medication. The person concerned might find it difficult to have erection maintained without the intake of these drugs. At times, men could end up having unreasonable expectations with regards to the erectile performance.

The emails or online ads in junk folder that promote treatments pertaining to ED also could be fishy. They could be abreast with unsafe chemicals or not functional.

In a nutshell, with extensive research being conducted regarding the multiple uses of tadalafil, the healthcare vertical is poised to witness a revolution.

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