KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Face Masks – A gateway to Prevention of Covid-19?

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The OCDPH (Ottawa County Department of Public Health) is full-on with distributing free adult Kn95 masks to the community members at various pick-up locations all across Ottawa County till stocks last.

It has been clinically proven that KN95 masks make better provisions for protection against virus causing Covid-19 and also its variants as compared to the cloth masks. The CDC has recommended putting on KN95 masks, particularly for those at a higher risk of Covid-19 and its implications. The health department went on records to state this on Feb 7.

Any Mask is better than No Mask at all

Initially, the dictum followed was “Any mask is better than no mask at all”. However, the upgradation followed over here is that KN95 masks render a better protection against infection as airborne droplets are barred from making an entry.

Jennifer Sorek, Public Health Preparedness Coordinator has quoted that these masks are being provided by the State of Michigan for protecting the community in a better manner while fighting Omicron surge as well.

As of now, KN95 masks are being made available at Ottawa County township, city offices and village, along with local libraries and OCDPH lobby at “12251 James Street“ in Holland.

OCDPH has thus encouraged vaccination along with boosters, and go for a well-fitting mask at large gatherings or public places.

The students are permitted to pick up 4 KN95 masks from the designated distribution points. At the same time, guidelines regarding the duration of masks are also being shared.

The compulsion regarding masks has been enforced since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. People started with usual cloth masks in the beginning, but later, after extensive research being conducted all across, N95 masks were devised. The number “95” implies that the users are 95% protected against getting infected by Covid-19. The next updation was KN95 masks, which are being propagated all over.

Initially, these masks came in as an uncomfortable thing, but with the passage of time, the utilization of masks turned out to be the “new” normal. Now, designer KN95 masks are also coming up, which are matching the attire of the wearer (s).

Evolvetogether’s KN95 Face Masks

Also, KN95 masks are being endorsed by the celebs. For instance – Evolvetogether’s best-selling, celeb-approved KN95 face masks are being given away like hot cakes, that too, in every color of choice.

The celebs going for Evolvetogether’s KN95 masks include Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Serena Williams, and likewise. Garner, in fact, put on this mask for a short visit to New York City for seeing Hugh Jackman’s Broadway show called “The Music Man”.

Evolvetogether’s KN95 masks come with six-layer design offering proper protection. They are also simple to breathe in. In other words, they won’t act as a hindrance while running through airport, working out at gym, doing weekend errands, or even chasing after kids. The overall wearability has been enhanced by bendable nose wire and no-tug ear loops.

In all, KN95 face masks are there to guard against the further spread of Covid-19.

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