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As per study conducted by researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, engaging in physical activity on daily basis is very effective in bolstering the brain, especially for older and middle-class adults. More details could be found in the journal named “JMIR mHealth and uHealth”.

Research says….

Study was conducted with 90 middle-aged/older people wearing accelerometers while being physically active. They also finished with mobile cognitive testing from the home. With Raenne Moore confirming that lifestyle interventions would be remote-based in the near future, daily activity has become all the more evitable. The “work from home” dictum has drastically reduced the physical activities. As such, this research has paved the urge for resorting to physical activity, not in the form of commuting, but on homely basis.

Moore, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego School of Medicine and main investigator of study states that the days when physical activities of 50-74-year-old participants increased, they performed better regarding executive functions, and on the days they curtailed their physical activities, cognitive performance decreased.

Further investigations show that physical activity and cognition remain correlated when adjustments were made regarding several co-morbidities like HIV status, sex, age, race/ethnicity, and education. At the same time, that fact this holds true for the ones who rely on the others for performing daily tasks like paying bills or managing household activities. For such people, physical activity could be more advantageous regarding real-world, daily performance. These inferences came in when Moore conducted research on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia-related ailments.

What’s with the CDC?

As per the CDC, physical activity is capable of improving the cognitive health. This, in turn, helps in thinking, learning, problem-solving, and enjoying emotional balance. Plus, it could enhance memory and exercise control over depression or anxiety.

The only condition to avail the benefits mentioned above is that physical activity should happen on a regular basis. It is recommended that majority of adults must get atleast 150 minutes (2.5 hrs) of moderately intense physical activity every week. Apart from improvement in brain health, the activities could help in getting a better sleep and lose weight. Nevertheless regular physical activity helps in weight loss and reduction of risk of 20 chronic health conditions inclusive of certain cancers and heart diseases.

Which physical activities to engage in?

  • Dance

One could just turn on the music at home and do some steps. This turning and twisting will certainly help in burning a few calorie.

  • Adding physical activity to daily routine

Walking is one of the excellent ways of being active. While shopping, it’s advisable to park far away and walk to shop. Also, using stairs in place of elevators would help.

  • Being physically active while watching TV

Sedentary time could be reduced and active time could be increased by going for marching or squatting near remote.

In a nutshell, physical activities help a great deal in maintaining good health and keeping the chronic diseases at a bay. However, it needs to happen voluntarily, as mental affirmation is equally important.

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