The US to see a Spurt in Vaccines against COVID-19

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With the outbreak of Covid-19, the entire healthcare vertical has been on the tenterhooks. Every measure is being taken to avoid the further spread of Covid-19. Initially, the sole dictum practised was – “Prevention is better than Cure”, mainly due to research being conducted regarding doling out vaccines. In the first half of 2021, the world witnessed an influx of vaccines against Covid-19 and the trend has been ongoing since then.


The latest vaccine to join the bandwagon is Spikevax – vaccine by Moderna. It was available only under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). However, the good news is that now it is available as the vaccine that the US FDA has fully approved. Also, it is second in line of approvals. BioNtech’s and Pfizer’s product got approval in August.

Moderna has gone on records to state that Spikevax has got approval from regulators in 70+ countries with over 800 Mn doses shipped all across in the year 2021.

What’s with Pifizer’s vaccines for kids?

One more interesting fact is that the US regulators are pushing Pfizer to apply for EUA for 2-dose regimen of the Covid-19 vaccine for toddlers and infants alike, precisely putting – 6 months – 5 years. The application is slated to be submitted on Feb 1, 2022. The early data is showing that this dose will be 1/10 th of strength of adult shot. It is claimed to be safe and does invoke immune response. Though two-dose shot churned out by the same Pfizer in the year 2021 was comparatively less effective, the third instalment is expected to bolster the effectiveness of vaccine, analogous to booster doses in adults. If 3rd shot data becomes available, work towards authorization of third dose would also start.


At the same time, the fact that such an unconventional process of authorization could result in vaccine scepticism (as uptake has been lower amongst the children in spite of being eligible for shots).

Jonson & Johnson’s Take

Coming to Johnson & Johnson, the booster dose is ready to be administered for those who have got their second shot, but it is yet to get the approval from the US FDA or recommendation from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The sole approval has come from the San Francisco Department of Health.


Shinogi Pill from Japan has its antiviral pill for Covid-19 in operation.

In a nutshell, several vaccines against Covid-19 are expected to be tabled all across the US in the upcoming months. However, actual scenario would be seen only after speedy approval from the US FDA.

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