Solar-Powered Oxygen System

Solar-Powered Oxygen System – A lifeline for Somalia!


The WHO (World Health Organization) and doctors based out of Somalia have gone on records, stating that installing a solar-powered medical oxygen system at one of the hospitals in central Somalia is showing affirmative results regarding saving of lives.

This state-of-the-art solar oxygen system was installed in January 2021 at Hanano Hospital in Dhusamareb. As per Dr. Mamunur Rahman Malik (representative of WHO Somalia), 171 patients received oxygen from solar-powered system between February and October 2021. 163 out of them did make a 100% recovery and were discharged.

Crude Facts with Awakening

Malik also harped on the data stating that around 15K to 20K fatalities in Somalia occur due to pneumonia every year among the children aged 5 and below. With this solar oxygen system in place, this number has reduced, and further reductions are expected to happen in the upcoming period.

Dr. Mohamed Abdi has candidly accepted that it was tad difficult to get proper oxygen for babies below 1 year of age and the ones born prematurely were at a greater risk. With the above-mentioned innovation, oxygen’s availability is not a matter of concern. Even if there are power cuts, oxygen concentrators act as saviours.

On January 16, a baby named “Abdiaziz Omar Abdi” was admitted to this hospital on January 16 due to severe pneumonia to the extent of his body oxygen dropping to 60%. After being put on oxygen with immediate effect backed by drugs – dexamethasone and ampicillin, his breathing turned normal within subsequent 3 days (The oxygen reached close to 90%. After discharge, he started breastfeeding as well. This treatment came at no cost. The oxygen also finds its presence in treatment of the other ailments like road traffic accidents, asphyxia, and injuries.

Towards a Healthy Future

Malik has confirmed that if oxygen systems like this get installed at a broader scale in Somalia, lives of atleast 7K children unnecessarily succumbing to pneumonia could be saved.

This solar-powered oxygen system saw the light of the day in the year 2020 when Covid-19 was as its peak. Also, an oxygen cylinder cost between US$ 400 – 600 then.

The solar system does make way for electric supply to the hospitals needing it. As such, refrigerators could be used (powered by this solar energy) for storing drugs or vaccines at lower temperatures.

In all, this facility has proved to be a boon to the people of Somalia. The future is bound to see more of such oxygen systems getting installed. It’s just a matter of time!

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