Urolithin A

Would you like to keep your age as just a “Number”? Watch out!


It is a known fact that mitochondria are analogous to the batteries powering cells in the body. However, they tend to break down over the period of time. Mitography does gauge this failure and gets into action by tearing down mitochondria, thereby diminishing it to the elemental components that could be reused by a cell. Aging reduces the efficiency of mitophagy, which, in turn, results in accumulation of a cluster of failing mitochondria. It’s an indication of muscles becoming less functional with aging. This is where UA helps as stated below.

How does Urolithin A help?

Urolithin A (UA) comes across as a gut microbiome-derived natural compound. However, merely 40% of the people are able to naturally convert at notable levels from the dietary precursors. Recent studies have shown that direct administration of UA is showing positive effects on postponing aging

Gut Bacteria from ETs (ellagitannins) and EA (ellagic acid) form UA. It could also be obtained from complex polyphenols contained in berries, pomegranates, nuts, and berries. Though the discovery of UA could be traced 4 decades ago, the effect on aging is being explored only since the last few years. Research states that UA improves cellular health by enhancing mitochondrial function and mitophagy and curtailing detrimental inflammation. The preclinical studies have confirmed that UA renders protection against age-related conditions pertaining to joints, muscles, brain, and several other organs.

Mode of intake of UA?

UA could be consumed in the form of oral intake. Another plus point is that people from both the categories – those who wish to stay active even in the twilight years and those suffering from chronic diseases. This fact has been confirmed by David Marcinek (a professor of radiology at the University of Washington School of Medicine).

The health food stores do keep the UA compound in the form of pills and powders. Blood tests have proven that urolithin A has reduced chemicals related to metabolic disorders that involve mitochondria. Pomegranates, along with providing UA, are known for figuring amongst the superfoods. They do lower the blood pressure along with strengthening the bones.

People aged 65 and above are advised intake of 1,000 mg of UA every single day. Incorporation of UA as a dietary supplement is bound to become inevitable in the upcoming period as majority of the developed nations across the globe are witnessing proliferation of geriatric population. With the aged population opting for UA, the youngsters are also likely to be encouraged to have it, so that something like aging could be nipped in the bud.

At the outset, UA is bound to revolutionize the people’s idea regarding aging and the ways to postpone it.

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