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Biden Administration to Enable online Registration of Covid test kits

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Free at-home coronavirus test kits are being ordered by the customers through the US Postal Service. On the other hand, is bound to be launched officially on Wednesday morning (Jan 19, 2022). The orders mentioned above will come through this site then. Plus, the postal service will charge 0% shipping charges in late January.

As per the White House, as per ZIP codes experiencing higher rates of Coronavirus and fatalities, it will prioritize the shipments.

Close to 700K people were found to be on test kit website on Tuesday afternoon (Jan 18, 2022). The US citizens are allowed ordering up to 4 kits per address. The delivery will take somewhere around 7-12 days. These tests are amongst the government’s purchase of 500 Mn tests last month for helping in tackling an upsurge in the infections.

Another fact is that people won’t be allowed to choose the brand of the at-home tests they would receive, but all of them would be authorized by the US FDA.

Moreover, Plumas County Public Health started doling out at-home Covid-19 test kits to the public since the last week. These tests would be available till stocks last.

When should one get tested for Covid?

As per the CDC, anyone exposed to the one contracting Covid must mandatorily test 5 days post their exposure, or soon after the symptoms are seen. The guidelines state that on occurrence of symptoms the individuals must quarantine immediately before getting a negative test.

Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of Illinois Department of Public Health mentioned that there could be alterations in incubation times, but the ones who test early should be testing at regular intervals even if negative results are obtained.

Are there other Testing Options?

The administration has stated that website is one of the tools for the Americans for accessing Covid-19 testing. It needs to be noted that hoards of free tests are being made available at community health centers, participating pharmacy locations, and Federal Emergency Management Agency-backed sites.

Another clarification from the White House is that, in no way, interfere with the supplies that already exist at drugstores, state governments, and health clinics.

Are these tests Reliable?

As per the CDC, these tests give precise results and those testing positive must isolate themselves for reducing the risk of further spread. In other words, it’s advisable to treat “positive” as “positive”, stay at home, and completely isolate for 5 days.

In a nutshell, the government of the US is on a Covid-testing spree with the objective to check the further damage, thereby exercising damage control.

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