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Rising Incidence of Chronic Diseases Offering Huge Growth Opportunity in the Surgical Drainage Devices Market

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Surgical Drainage Devices

Rising use of advanced devices to provide better health care to the patient has widely benefited the growth in the healthcare market. One of the most used devices is surgical drainage devices that have gained huge importance in the last couple of years. Surgical drainage devices help in removing fluid and air buildup during surgeries, which makes it a highly important device. The rising number of surgeries due to the increase in chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes is the key factor behind the growth in this market.  Large base of geriatric population is also contributing to augmenting growth in the global surgical drainage devices market.

Another significant factor is the rise in medical tourism that has positively impacted the growth of surgical drainage devices. India, Brazil, Malaysia, and Turkey are some of the most prominent regions having a favorable condition for the growth of surgical drainage devices. Additionally, in these regions, patients are allowed to undergo the surgical procedure under detailed medical surveillance. In such a situation, drainage devices can also be customized as per the need or condition, thus making the global surgical drainage devices market highly likely to grow significantly in the coming years.

Witnessing growth and the high importance of surgical drainage devices, manufacturers are also making significant efforts in developing advanced surgical drainage devices. For example, a US-based medical device company – ClearFlow, Inc. developing active wound drainage system that will help draining out fluid and blood has received clearance from the U.S. FDA for its exclusive active clearance technology in early 2017. They aimed to develop technology that will help in minimizing chest drains from clot occlusion in children and adults after cardiac surgeries. Other players in the market are also coming up with other advanced ways that will take the global surgical drainage devices market to a different platform.

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