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Rising Cases of Cervical Cancer to Fuel Demand in HPV Vaccines Market

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HPV Vaccines

According to WHO, cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer in females. In 2018, with approximately 570,000 new cases. Out of these, 311000 females succumbed to death from cervical cancer. In addition, 40,000 people suffer vaginal cancer due to HPV. As a result, according to International Agency for Research and Cancer, the rate of cancers due to HPV are likely to increase by 40% in the coming years. Looking at these rising cases of cancer across the world, the global HPV vaccines market is foreseen to find a lucrative opportunity for growth in the coming years.

Over 40 HPV are transferred easily from one person to another through oral or sexual contact. Usually, HPV is benign and harmless and does not require any treatment.

Rising Funding By Governments to Boost Market Growth in Europe

At present, there are three US FDA approved vaccines in the market, namely Gardasil 9 (Merck & Co., Inc.) Gardasil, and Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.). These vaccines are effective in preventing from HPV infection. Gardsil 9 is a vaccination for females between 9 and 45 years. It helps prevent vaginal, anal, vulvar, and cervical cancers caused due to HPV. However, these vaccines are in their nascent stage and is expected to take few decades for mass implementation.

Geographically, the global HPV vaccines market is led by Europe and North America due to increase in funding by the respective governments and rising investments by players in the regions. Key players such as Coridon (It is funded by Allied Healthcare Group for HPV associated research) and Gentical, presently in its Phase III of clinical trials with its other products in pipeline are likely to help meet demand in the global HPV vaccines market.

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