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Breast implants with a potential link to cancer to remain in the US markets for sale

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Date: 4nd May 2019

Even though many women have come up with the proposal to ban the sale of a type of breast implant which is linked to a specific kind of cancer, the Food and Drug Administration didn’t rule in their favor on Thursday. The officials claimed that the risks associated with the implants did not justify a nation-wide ban.

Breast implants of Silicone have taken lives of over nine women till now. This is because the implants gave rise to cancer of the immune system known as BIA-ALCL. While over nine women are dead, many others are still suffering.

Many other countries have banned the sale of these breast implants in their markets due to risks associated with them. For instance, the French Government banned its sale back in April.

The FDA has received a huge amount of complaints from women who have blamed breast implants for various types of diseases. These diseases include arthritis, fatigue and muscular pain besides the rare kind of cancer mentioned above.

The officials said that there has not been concrete evidence to prove that implants are the cause of the diseases to many women. However, they added that those purchasing implants should have knowledge of the associated risks.

The agency is also pondering upon the idea of having warnings on breast implants mentioning all the potential harms to customers who may use it.

The cases that have been confirmed with the patient having cancer mostly involve a textured breast implant. However, according to reports, there have also been cases of cancer in patients having smooth implants. It might mean that multiple factors affect the probability of having cancer, according to Dr. Jeffrey Shuren.

The estimated amount of women with implants is 10 million. Out of these, there have been over 600 women have been diagnosed with cancer.

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