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First death due to bird flu reported in Nepal

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Date: 2nd May 2019

The death of a 21-year-old patient in Nepal has spread concerns all around the globe as it is the first of its kind since February 2017. The bird flu, also known as the H5N1 virus, killed a person in Nepal whose identity has still not been revealed by the country. Besides that, WHO denied providing further details on the case.

A spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population said in a statement that the department is seeking assistance from the United Nation in order to combat the situation.

The government, as expected, is examining the whole situation in all seriousness as experts from WHO visit the Capital to gather information on the case. Nepal would now be proceeding with the international health regulations’ standard protocols.

The 21-year-old, the identity of whom has been kept under sheets by the government, lived in the Kavrepalanchok district and worked as a driver. The patient was admitted to Nepal Medical College on 24th March following symptoms of fever and cough.

At first, influenza infection was thought to be the cause by the doctors. Subsequently, throat swab specimens of the patient were dispatched to the National Public Health Laboratory the day after he was admitted. However, the Laboratory was not able to identify the type of influenza virus.

After the situation got complicated, the doctors transferred the patient to Om Hospital where the patient died on March 29. The throat swab specimens were then sent to Japan for examination. The results, which were available on April 30, finally revealed that it was the H5N1 virus or bird flu.

The country had claimed to be from of avian influenza virus in 2012. However, the virus still plagues the country’s poultry. According to reports, about 350 crows were found in the Capital containing this infectious disease. The government is now taking a closer look at its passive surveillance systems for flaws in order to prevent further deaths.

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